Interstate Training Alliance, LLC is now holding virtual defensive driving courses!
We have been approved by the DMV to offer Virtual Classes.

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About Our Company

Our company is a veteran-owned business and we take pride in teaching
our students with experience and knowledge of highway and traffic laws.
We offer both Basic and Advanced Defensive Driving Courses and we are a Delaware Certified
Provider for the DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles).


Qualified Instructors

Our courses are designed by veteran state troopers, emergency response workers and driving safety professionals who
have witnessed the direct consequences of motor vehicle collisions, firsthand.


95% of all traffic collisions are caused by driver error, meaning –somebody did something that caused the crash, or somebody failed to do something that could have prevented the crash.

Strong Traffic Laws + Enforcement = Lower Fatality Rate

28-30% of all crashes result in personal injuries to one or more vehicle occupants.

Speed is often a major factor. Although speed is generally not the “Primary” cause of most crashes, it is a crash multiplier that increases the severity of a collision. Understanding the primary causes of key types of collisions, and the necessity for speed limit adherence, are critical elements for the defensive driver.



Driving is Priority #1



 Vehicle occupants are not safe if the driver is distracted. The longer
the distraction, the greater the danger.



It is not possible to multi-task (ex., texting, reading, phone, etc.) and drive safely.

Benefits of Defensive Driving

  • Safer Driving Experience

  • Significant decrease in insurance premiums

  • 3 point DMV license credit

Classroom Instruction

Students learn more from a classroom setting by
participating that includes questions and answer sessions.

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