Interstate Training Alliance is now holding virtual defensive driving courses !

We have been approved by the DMV to offer Virtual Classes.

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Our company offers experienced instructors to give the class very informative information. Our instructors have knowledge and experience in highway and traffic laws.

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Adverse Driver Conditions

Unsafe Driving Behaviors

  1. Speeding
  2. Inattention
  3. Tailgating
  4. Improper lane movement
  5. Failure to yield right of way

Dangerous Drivers

  1. Drugged Driver
  2. Drunk Driver
  3. Tired Driver
  4. Aggressive Driver

Road Conditions

  1. Construction challenges
  2. Adverse weather
  3. Sun glare
  4. Dark, not lighted roads

Qualified Instructors

Our courses are designed by veteran state troopers, emergency response workers and driving safety professionals who
have witnessed the direct consequences of motor vehicle collisions, firsthand.

Class Benefits

All courses earn the student a driver’s license credit of 3 points,per Delaware law, and auto insurance discounting for a period of 3 years at the rate of apportioned 10% for the Basic Course and 15% for the Advanced course.

Classroom Instruction

Students learn more from a classroom setting, participating in a class that includes questions and answer session.

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