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Customized Driving Programs for YOUR Organization

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For Your Employees...

Business group on break from defensive driving class

Whether you run a large corporation or a small business, we will offer one or more of our certified defensive driving courses at your location.

Or, if you have a specific driving, traffic, maintenance, or other area on which you'd like your employees to be trained, we will work with you to develop an excellent program that will accomplish your needs, or tailor one of our developed courses.

With motor vehicle crashes being a leading cause of preventable death and injury in the U.S., equipping your employees with important crash-prevention skills creates a win-win situation for them, for you, and for everyone!

For Your
Fleet Drivers...

Fleet of cars ready to be driven by trained defensive driving course completees

If a key function of your company, institution, or organization is driving, then it is paramount to ensure that your drivers are well-trained to prevent and avoid motor vehicle collisions.

We will come to your site to deliver quality, energized instruction for those who will benefit from the training.  We believe in realistic, scenario-based training concepts, and will keep all participants interested and wanting more!

Whether you desire a classroom presentation, a live presentation via Zoom, or side-by-side driving assessments with our staff, we want to give the best program to your people, and help them drive to survive.

For Your

Custom driving program students happy with instruction

Organizations, churches, clubs, labor groups, etc. often desire to provide beneficial programs for their members.  Since crash-avoidance skills should be high on everyone's "quality of life" list, a safe-driving program is perfect for your members!

We will present any of our current courses, or work with you to develop a program tailored for your group.  Wherever you are, and whoever is in your organization, we specialize in ensuring  you get what you need, for your people in your region.


Whether you desire a class at your location, a Zoom presentation, or something else, we're here to provide exactly what you need!

*Contact us directly by phone or email to discuss programs for YOUR business, organization, or group

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