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Driving Forums

We embrace ENERGY, and despise boredom !

Essential Waves

When it involves driving, vehicles, traffic, and/or related matters...

Motivational Driving Speaker

... and you need to convey a clear, concise message in a very impacting manner, you've surely found what you need with I-T-A !

We will meet with you to learn precisely what type of program you desire, and give you more than you expected.

Our motivational speakers will communicate the information so that all of your participants "get the message!"

We have delivered impact-determined sessions on the following topics, among others--

  • Texting and driving


  • Aggressive driving

  • School bus operations

  • Fleet vehicle safety

  • Personal safety during vehicular travel

  • Specifics for teens and new drivers

  • Tips for senior drivers


Whether you want your program delivered at your location, or via Zoom, we will help you make the impact you desire.

Motivational driving attendees in auditorium
Motivational driving session attendees

*Contact us directly by phone or email to discuss programs for YOUR business, organization, or group

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